Need ideas for the next wedding event hosted at your eco pool? We have them listed for you here. Read on to find out how you can meet and exceed the wedding couple’s expectations with how you decorate your eco pool.

Before doing any decorating, consult with a swimming pool builder to do major or minor repairs or installation of safety measures that need to be done to your pool to make it safe for all guests, especially children. They might also give good advice on how to safely install electrical wiring in and around the pool area.

One cool-looking idea involves stringing up several round paper lanterns above the pool. The light above will reflect on the water below creating a cool lighting effect on the water at twilight or after sunset. You can use electrically wired lighting with each bulb covered by a round paper lantern. If you’re worried about electrical wiring, you can just string up the lanterns in whatever pattern that suits you and then install little plastic battery-operated tea lights that mimic the action of real teal candle lights. That way, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. To give the paper lantern d├ęcor a bit more of a fuller look, you can put in some draping greenery or flowers in between the paper lanterns where there is space on the string or wire.

If you are unable to hang lighting above your eco pool, you can float some paper lanterns or candles on the water in the pool itself. Just make sure the lanterns or candles are balanced and won’t topple over in the water. Just hope that the weather cooperates or else the candles will blow out. If you fear that will happen, just put in the fake tea lights mentioned earlier. You can have the candles and lanterns floating one by one or in clusters.

If you can’t have anything hanging up above the eco pool or in the water, you can having the paper lanterns arranged to surround the pool in intervals. Lanterns or fairy lighting can even be hung on trees as long as these decorations don’t harm the trees themselves.

If the dinner and reception is to be held at the pool, the tables and chairs can be set up to surround the pool. This is a good idea if the eco pool is not too big so that people won’t feel isolated at their tables. For a more intimate setting, all the tables and chairs can be set up on one side of the pool.