1. Mums and succulents. Pick succulent heads that are about the same size as the mums if you’re making a bouquet. Some deep reddish-orange mums with green succulents will match well together.

2. Tulips. Specially for a spring and early summer wedding, tulips will be abundant and in season so these will be a cheaper option for wedding flowers. It’s been said that keeping pennies in the vases with tulips in it will keep the tulips looking fresh so try that idea for keeping the tulips upright for a long time. Willow branches put in the vases with the tulips in it finishes the look and gives the flowers an elongated flair and support.

3. Daisies. Daisies are easy to grow and are cheaper than most flowers. They add brightness and cheerfulness to any event, especially weddings. They also keep for a long time. They grow in the wild so if you’re by a field of them, you won’t have to buy a lot for your event needs.

4. Baby’s breath. These flowers are usually used as fillers in bouquets. However, they can be the main flowers in table settings and have the more expensive flowers inserted few and far between in the arrangements. Their tiny white blossoms give off a happy vibe.

5. Gladiolas. These long branched flowers also grow abundantly and are the cheaper option when it comes to making floral arrangements. They can make fine and tall centrepieces for tables.

6. Carnations. Carnations last forever and are cheap. They’re perfect for any weather as well. They don’t wilt easily. For tough weather conditions like outdoor weddings, this is the flower to have.

7. Potted plants. For long-term gain, have potted perennials as your centrepieces. After the wedding, instead of being thrown out, guests can take these home as party favours or the bride and groom can take these home to plant in their first home.

Discuss your flower options with a florist. Go to to look at your options for beautiful flowers at a great cost.

Wondering what to do with the flowers once the wedding and reception is done? Family and friends might want them to have in a vase in their homes. So before the cleanup starts, announce that people can take the flowers home. You can donate your flowers to a seniors’ home if they accept them. The fresh flowers can cheer others up days after the wedding is done. Some hospitals may like them too for patients’ rooms for those who are not allergic. Give them to a business for their receptionist’s desk. The bridal bouquet, if fresh can be hung to dry to preserve. Once dry, the petals or flower heads can be put in a nice frame to make a memorabilia frame for the couple. Beside the flowers there can be an inscription with the couple’s name and their wedding date on it. The couple can even make ornaments out of remnants of the flowers to decorate their first home with. If you know someone getting married the next day that doesn’t care about having the same flower decorations, give away the flowers that still look good for them to use. The flowers can be pressed to dry after the wedding and used to make memorable art to commemorate the couple’s big day. If not sentimental, the flowers can be thrown out.