Things To Know Before Hiring A Limo Rental Service

Do you have a special occasion where you may need to hire a limousine? Choosing one requires some research to know what exactly you need. It is not wise to blindly pick the first limo service that you find. So, what do you need to know before committing to a limo service? Below are some of them.

The Location Of The Company.

It is essential to look into where the company is located and how far it will be from where you will need it. Most limo companies will charge you for the travel time taken to and from their location. You should, therefore, pay attention to companies that charge you less or nothing at all for it. This may mean that they may be desperate for work and will dupe you in the process. They may end up charging you less in the beginning and add extra charges to the final bill. To prevent this, hire a local company to save money on the travel charges. Choose one that is nearer to your place so that the costs may be more affordable.


Experience is vital when it comes to renting a limo service. Get to know the kind of services that the company is experienced in imparting and choose according to your needs. It is best to choose a company that has been doing this for years than one that has been in business for months. Also, different limos have different experiences. A company that deals with airport pickup and drop services may not be able to satisfy your needs if you need them for a wedding. So, ensure that you have checked what they deal with first.


Ensure that the company you choose is insured. You should ask for documented proof to be sure that it is legit since your safety comes first. If the company is reluctant in giving you the document or refuses to show you any proof, then it is right to assume that they are not suitable for you and may not be insured. Note that only a reputable company will give you all the information that you ask for without delay since they are confident of themselves and have nothing to hide.


Ensure that the company has a license, and it should be valid. They should be licensed under the respective law of the state that they are in. They should give you the proof once you ask for it if they are reputed and confident in themselves. If they do not do that, then it is time for you to look into your other options.

Hiring a limo service for your event may seem like a daunting task, but that is not the case. With a little time taken to research and get references, you are good to go. With the above points, you are on track with all you need to know before hiring one. In case you do not know where to start from, you could check out (click here to visit website). They are very professional and will give you excellent service.

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Get What You Need For Your Next Event From

Are you planning some sort of big event in the future? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a company event, or attending an expo, you might not want to have to spend money to purchase the supplies that you need. Renting is a far more affordable option. You should be able to rent the items you’re after from

They Rent Out Tents, Chairs, And So Much More

Whether you’re looking to rent tents, tables, chairs, or even decorative lighting, you should be able to find what you need on this site. They have a huge selection of rentals available. It’s a smart idea to explore the items they have in stock to see if they have anything you want.

Because this company has such a huge selection, you should be able to get all of the items you need to rent from them. Why create additional hassles for yourself by renting items from more than one vendor? You should be able to get everything you’re looking for in one place.

They Charge A Fair Rate

When you’re trying to decide who you want to rent from, the cost is likely to be a major consideration for you. After all, people usually opt to rent because they want to spend less.

This rental company is careful about what they charge for their rentals. If you compare their rates to the rates of other companies that have similar products for rent, you’ll see that their products are priced very well.

They’re Easy To Work With

Planning an event is a major undertaking. If you have a lot on your plate, you’re not going to want to make things even more challenging for you. You should focus on finding a company that will ease your burdens. This rental company is very reliable, and you can expect to have a positive experience if you do work with them.

Why create additional hassles for yourself when you have a big event to plan? Instead of working with a company that will create challenges for you, you should focus on finding a company that will be a breeze to work with.

If you’re looking to rent items for an upcoming event, why not work with If you do choose to work with this company, you’ll easily be able to obtain the items that you need. You can make sure that you have all of the supplies you want for your big event.

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Beginner’s Guide to Ribbon Embroidery

Beginner's Guide to Ribbon Embroidery

Just so you know, ribbon embroidery decoration has a very unique appeal and anyone who is going to try it will surely be fascinated by it. Ribbon embroidery started way back in the 16the century and it originated in Europe. Women in Europe instantly fell in love with ribbon embroidery because it was a marvelous addition to their gowns, gloves, bags, and hats and even on their parasols. After a while, the hype died down but just recently it has regained recognition again because of its splendid and elaborate designs.

Beginner's Guide to Ribbon EmbroideryMastering this craft requires perseverance and very close attention to detail so you have to be extra cautious when making ribbon embroidery. The basic stitches you need to master in order to create ribbon embroidery designs are the following: straight stitch, whipped stem stitch, stem stitch, loop stitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy stitch, feather stitch and couching stitch. You can learn the techniques of these stitches online. You can have the option to read directions on how it’s done or if you are the type of person who absorbs information better through visuals, we suggest you watch YouTube video tutorials.

Don’t get intimidated by how it looks because even though the design may look elaborate, it’s really fun to make. You can add beads with it to design bags, pillowcases, furnishings, table runners, aprons and many more! If you don’t want to keep it for yourself, you can even give it as gifts or as giveaways or if you want to make money out o fit and turn it into a business, you can sell it online.

The biggest benefit of ribbon embroidery is it covers a huge area with its basic stitches with minimal effort and time but the effect is simply amazing! If you come to think of it, it’s really an inexpensive method but it will create a beautiful and intricate visual. To do ribbon embroidery, you’ll only need Chenille needles that have a sharp point and a big eye. The eye has to be big enough to let the ribbon pass through it without creating any wrinkles. For a 4-millimeter ribbon, a size 18 is just about enough. Of course, you will need ribbons in the colors of your choice. We usually recommend you go for silk but this can be a bit pricey compared to synthetic. However, silk ribbons are very soft and velvety and it’s also very easy to mold.

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Common Rings To Propose With – Choosing The Right One

Are you planning an engagement for your partner? Are you wondering what type of ring to propose with and how to choose the right one? Well, congratulations on your impending engagement, but choosing the right ring is the most crucial element of any engagement. If you are looking for the right ring to choose among the common rings to propose with, here is what you need to know. Of course, every girl loves a diamond and choosing the right diamond is always a tough endeavor. We caught up with Kalfin Jewellery Melbourne, who gave us their advice to people who don’t know where to start in choosing an engagement ring.

Tips For Finding The Right One

1. Shape

You might be too interested in the karat, clarity, color or cut and forget about the shape. Well, if you want your future wife to be excited about the engagement ring you give her, find out the shape she loves. Remember, the shape refers to the geometry of the diamond while the cut refers to the angles on the stone.

If you are shopping in a jewelry store, don’t rush into choosing the first stone you find without considering what your future wife likes. Look through as many shapes as possible to find the best one to make your partner happy and excited about the engagement.

Kalfin Solitaire Engagement Ring
2. The Settings

The setting refers to the metal framework where the stone is mounted. Depending on the setting, the tone of the ring will differ. A modern makeover for a hip and young couple would be a classic round engagement ring with a bezel setting. There is always the stylish oval look that brings out the traditional engagement look with a four prong setting.

Therefore, you need to find a ring with the right setting and shape for the best combination. You can always ask for more advice from the jeweler to get the right shape and setting on your engagement ring.

3. Bring Her Along Or Spy On Her

The old engagement proposals were couples surprised each other with rings is dying slowly. Most couples prefer shopping for rings together. Of course, if you prefer being traditional, you can always spy on her and find out the type of ring she likes. Ask her best friend, sibling, parents or anyone else in her life and see what she likes in a ring.
For instance, does she love vintage rings rather than classic pieces? What’s her favorite color? Does she need a huge ring or would a simple ring do? You can always ask her about the type of ring she likes and still make the engagement special with a huge surprise party later.

4. The Metal

Besides the engagement ring, you might also have to choose the wedding band early enough. Of course, there are many metals for you to choose from. Most people prefer platinum since it is perfect for people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, you can always settle for a gold band which comes in different colors such as yellow, white, rose or green.

Another great metal for a wedding band is palladium with a gray hue, much different from platinum. You can also choose a recycled metal wedding band which might be made up of gold or platinum. It’s a way to add the ‘something old, something new’ belief into your wedding. Of course, when choosing a metal for an engagement or wedding band, you need to know the type of metals that your future wife is allergic to.

5. Loose Stones

Of course, if you are not buying an estate ring, you will be more interested in loose stones rather than those in a setting. Most jewelers have cases with samples that give you an idea of what the finished ring will look like. Remember, the stone is responsible for most of the overall cost of the ring. Therefore, you should look at the stone first before choosing an engagement ring.

You should always inspect the stone or find an expert to check it thoroughly for you. That way, you can be sure what you are expecting before getting the stone. Once the ring is set, you should also check it thoroughly to make sure that they actually used the right stone you picked the first time around.

Kalfin Side Stone Engagement Ring

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Preparing Your Eco Pool To Host Weddings

Need ideas for the next wedding event hosted at your eco pool? We have them listed for you here. Read on to find out how you can meet and exceed the wedding couple’s expectations with how you decorate your eco pool.

Before doing any decorating, consult with a swimming pool builder to do major or minor repairs or installation of safety measures that need to be done to your pool to make it safe for all guests, especially children. They might also give good advice on how to safely install electrical wiring in and around the pool area.

One cool-looking idea involves stringing up several round paper lanterns above the pool. The light above will reflect on the water below creating a cool lighting effect on the water at twilight or after sunset. You can use electrically wired lighting with each bulb covered by a round paper lantern. If you’re worried about electrical wiring, you can just string up the lanterns in whatever pattern that suits you and then install little plastic battery-operated tea lights that mimic the action of real teal candle lights. That way, you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. To give the paper lantern décor a bit more of a fuller look, you can put in some draping greenery or flowers in between the paper lanterns where there is space on the string or wire.

If you are unable to hang lighting above your eco pool, you can float some paper lanterns or candles on the water in the pool itself. Just make sure the lanterns or candles are balanced and won’t topple over in the water. Just hope that the weather cooperates or else the candles will blow out. If you fear that will happen, just put in the fake tea lights mentioned earlier. You can have the candles and lanterns floating one by one or in clusters.

If you can’t have anything hanging up above the eco pool or in the water, you can having the paper lanterns arranged to surround the pool in intervals. Lanterns or fairy lighting can even be hung on trees as long as these decorations don’t harm the trees themselves.

If the dinner and reception is to be held at the pool, the tables and chairs can be set up to surround the pool. This is a good idea if the eco pool is not too big so that people won’t feel isolated at their tables. For a more intimate setting, all the tables and chairs can be set up on one side of the pool.

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Cost Effective Wedding Flowers

1. Mums and succulents. Pick succulent heads that are about the same size as the mums if you’re making a bouquet. Some deep reddish-orange mums with green succulents will match well together.

2. Tulips. Specially for a spring and early summer wedding, tulips will be abundant and in season so these will be a cheaper option for wedding flowers. It’s been said that keeping pennies in the vases with tulips in it will keep the tulips looking fresh so try that idea for keeping the tulips upright for a long time. Willow branches put in the vases with the tulips in it finishes the look and gives the flowers an elongated flair and support.

3. Daisies. Daisies are easy to grow and are cheaper than most flowers. They add brightness and cheerfulness to any event, especially weddings. They also keep for a long time. They grow in the wild so if you’re by a field of them, you won’t have to buy a lot for your event needs.

4. Baby’s breath. These flowers are usually used as fillers in bouquets. However, they can be the main flowers in table settings and have the more expensive flowers inserted few and far between in the arrangements. Their tiny white blossoms give off a happy vibe.

5. Gladiolas. These long branched flowers also grow abundantly and are the cheaper option when it comes to making floral arrangements. They can make fine and tall centrepieces for tables.

6. Carnations. Carnations last forever and are cheap. They’re perfect for any weather as well. They don’t wilt easily. For tough weather conditions like outdoor weddings, this is the flower to have.

7. Potted plants. For long-term gain, have potted perennials as your centrepieces. After the wedding, instead of being thrown out, guests can take these home as party favours or the bride and groom can take these home to plant in their first home.

Discuss your flower options with a florist. Go to to look at your options for beautiful flowers at a great cost.

Wondering what to do with the flowers once the wedding and reception is done? Family and friends might want them to have in a vase in their homes. So before the cleanup starts, announce that people can take the flowers home. You can donate your flowers to a seniors’ home if they accept them. The fresh flowers can cheer others up days after the wedding is done. Some hospitals may like them too for patients’ rooms for those who are not allergic. Give them to a business for their receptionist’s desk. The bridal bouquet, if fresh can be hung to dry to preserve. Once dry, the petals or flower heads can be put in a nice frame to make a memorabilia frame for the couple. Beside the flowers there can be an inscription with the couple’s name and their wedding date on it. The couple can even make ornaments out of remnants of the flowers to decorate their first home with. If you know someone getting married the next day that doesn’t care about having the same flower decorations, give away the flowers that still look good for them to use. The flowers can be pressed to dry after the wedding and used to make memorable art to commemorate the couple’s big day. If not sentimental, the flowers can be thrown out.

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Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is an enormous task. There are so many things to do it will make your head spin. There is guaranteed stress involved regularly (some women would say daily). However, the good thing is, 99.9% of the time, weddings take place without any major problems at all. And, more importantly, it is an event you will hopefully fondly remember for the rest of your life.

To make your wedding planning as easy as possible, we have accumulated some valuable information for your use. First, we have included a month by month wedding planning checklist up to 18 months in advance of your wedding. These checklists should serve as a guideline and a reminder of what needs to be done and when. Secondly, we put together a list of stress reducing tips. Don’t miss these! They will help you keep your sanity.

Many times, clients ask us about wedding shower ideas. Therefore, we decided to add a page of suggestions they we have seen and heard about that are fun and effective.

Finally, a sticky question for many couples is who pays for what? In today’s society, this question has become blurred, especially in subsequent marriages. We have included a list of expenses and who is traditionally responsible for each. It should serve as a guideline should this question become an issue.

Please help us. We constantly try to update and improve our web site to provide as much good information as possible to our visitors. If you have any wedding planning suggestions or wedding ideas please let us know via the forum on this web site.

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Affordable Wedding Invitations is proud to offer . . .

Your faith is the center of your life. Now let it be the center
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Affordable Wedding Invitations is your one-stop source for many of your wedding needs from custom wedding invitations to wedding favors for the reception all at great prices!

At Affordable Wedding Invitations, we understand that preparing for you big day is a HUGE task! We are here to provide you with products, information and support to help you create the fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

One of the most important decisions you will make will be your wedding invitations. We know that selecting the right wedding invitations with the proper wedding invitations etiquette and wording can be difficult, not to mention frustrating. After all, your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding and help to set the tone of your affair. Affordable Wedding Invitations was created to offer you 24 hour access to high quality wedding invitations from the convenience of your own computer! No more fighting the crowds in stationery stores on weekends or lugging home 40 pound books for your fiancé to review!

We also realize that wedding invitations are only one part of a couples’ overall wedding preparation. In addition to wedding invitations, we also are a valuable information resource for all your wedding preparation needs including information on such topics as wedding dresses and gowns, wedding vows, wedding accessories, wedding songs, wedding favors, wedding planning and more!

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